Pepper Potato Pancakes

Pepper Potato Pancakes

A unique and delicious take on potatoes and peppers.

Prep time: 15 mins

Total time: 30 mins

Skill level: Easy

What You'll Need

Dipping Sauce


  1. Mash boiled potatoes. Add eggs, Panko breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper mixing thoroughly. Gently fold in peppers until fully incorporated.
  2. Scoop 1 tbsp. amount for medallion (snack) sized pancakes or double the amount to make larger. The smaller size makes for faster cooking and bite-size presentation.
  3. Place on parchment paper and reserve for cooking. Can be made ahead of time.
  4. Pre-heat heavy pan or griddle to medium heat and add 2 tbsp. veg or frying oil.
  5. Fry pancakes for 3 minutes per side or until golden brown.

Dipping sauce

Mix sour cream, mayo, and Sriracha sauce. Add lemon at the end and mix well.

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