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An Inside Look at Greenhouses

An Inside Look at Greenhouses

Have you ever wondered, "what does greenhouse-grown mean, exactly?" For us at Red Sun Farms, growing our fresh produce in greenhouses is our way to provide quality produce year-round, even outside of traditional growing seasons. This process provides you with the option to enjoy a full-flavor, crisp sweet bell pepper in December or a juicy, sweet tomato in February.

The Red Sun Family has established its roots in Canada, the USA, and Mexico to offer our freshest produce year-round in North America. Greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables are nurtured inside under protective glass or polymer barriers, allowing for climate-controlled environments resulting in aesthetically beautiful and nutritionally rich products. Because our produce isn’t subject to the whims of Mother Nature, we use non-GMO seeds and natural pest management methods, such as specialized wasps and ladybugs. It also means we can use less resources. Many of our plants are grown hydroponically or without the use of conventional soil. This growing technique lessens the strain on natural resources by using up to 95% less water per pound of yield than field crops of the same type.   It also allows us to use vertical space — sometimes growing our plants to ten feet or higher, with yields 15 times greater per acre!

Did you know? Our greenhouse tomato production uses up to 5 times less water than open field tomato production — so we can say we are reducing our carbon footprint by growing in greenhouses, and saving our Earth, one tomato growing greenhouse at a time!

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