With state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we provide our customers with the best produce available all year long.


Non-GMO Project Logo100% of our seeds consist of Non-GMO varieties. GMO seeds are specifically engineered for use in regions that face harsh growing conditions. Because we grow indoors, within protective barriers, in full climate-controlled environments, GMO seeds are not required. Our pristine growing conditions allow us to produce fruits and vegetables from seeds that are genetically intact, just as nature intended.

Red Sun/Golden Sun seed varieties are produced by our seed supply partners through the centuries-old practices of grafting and seed selection. None of our farms employ the use of GMO seeds or pharmacrops, as they are often called.

We also strive to use natural substances, such as applying skim milk to peppers for example to act as pest deterrents. Bait plants are also used to lure pests to non-crop plants and not our crops. Strategically placed bait plants in our greenhouses attract harmful pests and then are removed to eliminate the insect threat in a natural manner.