Veggie 2.0

You see it at every party. It’s always at the center of every gathering you go to. And you cannot attend a wedding reception, birthday party, or buffet without crossing paths with this party enhancing staple. We’re talking about the one and only… veggie platter consisting of carrots, celery, cauliflower and a high fat ranch dip! Well it’s time we up the standards of the modern day veggie platter!

Be bold! Try adding new textures, flavors, and color to your veggie platter like slicing up some sweet red, yellow, and orange bell pepper “chips.”

Next, add some cucumber spears for a cool refreshing treat. Now that you’re on a roll, don’t forget tomato wedges for some red-hot color. If you feel like doing something new, try lightly grilling tomatoes, or even eggplant spears to add a little flavor and some pizazz. These little enhancements will have your guests asking for your veggie platter secrets.

And we’re just getting started! Now for the wow factor, get rid of the ranch dip and replace with red pepper hummus, which pairs perfectly with the sweet bell peppers. Use dill and sour cream for a cool tangy cucumber spear dip, and whip up a quick a balsamic reduction glaze to dip those grilled tomato wedges and eggplant. Blow your guests away with these over-the-top gourmet dips paired with fresh Red Sun Farms veggies. Trust us, you’ll be the hit of the party!