We’re now serving you and your customers a full line of USDA certified greenhouse grown organics fresh from our greenhouses in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Why are Red Sun Farms’ organics different? Just like all of our products, you can be assuredUSDA Logo, the Red Sun Farms’ team has been with it from the beginning. We are the only greenhouse grower in North America that controls the whole growing process – from seed selection, to propagation, harvest, transportation and delivery to your store.

What does this mean to you? Whether you choose Organics by Red Sun Farms or our line of conventionally grown produce from our Artisan Series, you can be assured of quality, taste and safety when serving your family. Red Sun Farms is your dependable organic grower providing you the freshest alternative when choosing organically produce.

Non-GMO Project LogoWe’re not only growing goodness, we’re packing it too! Coming to stores in July 2015 – our Organic Grapes will be packed in the Earthcycle fiber base. If your customers love organic and love taking care of Mother Earth  you’re going to LOVE Red Sun Farms’ new sustainable, organic grape tomato packaging! With fully compostable, recyclable and biodegradable bases that uses a 90% reduction on plastic, we’re proud to do our part to keep our planet (and your customers) healthy!

Earthcycle Case Top1Earthcycle Case Bottom1Earthcycle Case Side1

The EarthcycleTM base is made from a blend of ONLY North American sourced virgin and recycled wood pulp. It is certified compostable to BPI standards and produced on the East Coast of Canada. The new pack style satisfies consumer’s desire for: Less plastic, Reduced waste to landfill, increased use of renewable resources and local production versus off shore.

CKFIn 2012, the US recycled 76.1% of all paper and paperboard packaging generated. In the same year, the US recycled 13.8% of all plastic packaging generated. Earthcycle trays can be composted OR included in the waste paper recycling stream, with newspapers and paperboard packaging. (Source: US EPA Municipal Solid Waste Generation)

Red Sun Farms, we are your dependable organic grower providing you the freshest alternative when choosing organically grown tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers.  You’re worth it and we know it. 

Need more information?   Email:  organic@redsunfarms.com