Mouthwatering Meatless MealsAre you ready for some mouthwatering meatless meals? Broaden your culinary horizons and experiment with these vegetarian and vegan meals that even carnivores will crave! These recipes are sure to satisfy anyone who is vegetarian, looking to eat less meat or anything in between.


• Baja Breakfast Burrito: Bell peppers, avocados, cucumber, spinach and tomatoes make a colorful breakfast that is jam-packed with all sorts of health benefits.

• Garden Cannellini Bean Salad: Thanks to greenhouse-grown vegetables, such as tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers, you can enjoy garden-like freshness year-round. Chop these veggies and mix with cannellini (white beans), almonds and a vinaigrette, for a simple, delicious and satisfying salad.

• Bell Pepper Vidalia Onion Strata: Loaded with sweet onions and bell peppers, this delicious baked breakfast or brunch dish can be assembled ahead of time, leaving just the baking for the morning.


  • Very Veggie Burgers: A healthy and tasty alternative to burger night, these flavor-packed veggie burgers make meat question its very existence.
  • Sweet Bell Pepper Pasta: Our Sweet Bell Pepper Pasta dish is an easy-to-prepare, tasty way to enjoy the silky sweetness of sweet bell peppers. Don’t worry about making too much – we promise the leftovers are just as good.
  • Eggplant Pizza: Pizza: the perfect party, dinner, and snack food! These tasty creations use eggplant for the base in lieu of the traditional flour crust. Omit the sausage to make veggie-friendly without sacrificing flavor. Serve immediately to keep the juices and flavors locked in, and watch them disappear in a flash!
  • Bell Pepper Boats: Red, orange and yellow greenhouse grown bell peppers stuffed with garbanzo beans, kale, walnuts and brown rice make a delicious Mediterranean-influenced vegetarian dish.


  • Sweet Bell Pepper Nachos: Take the classic nachos to the next level with Bell Pepper Nachos! Sweet bell peppers stand in for tortilla chips for a delicious, crowd-pleasing twist. Serve with chopped Red Sun Farms tomatoes, guacamole and lowfat sour cream.
  • 7-Layer Mediterranean Dip: This spin on the classic 7-layer dip is sure to be a hit with any crowd! Fresh cucumbers, sweet bell peppers and tomatoes combined with creamy feta are a tasty way to dip. The dip can also be used as a stuffing for whole wheat pitas.
  • Cucumber-Avocado Roll-Ups: Cucumber-avocado rolls are cool, crispy and refreshing! Be sure to eat these eye-catching treats right away for best flavor and texture.

For more delicious recipes, check out our website and our Meatless Monday pinboard!