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8 Healthy & Green St. Patrick’s Day Meals

8 St Patricks Day FBAre you in need of some St. Paddy’s Day inspiration? We have you covered with delicious and healthy green recipes from breakfast to dinner to get your whole family in the spirit! Check out these fun and festive […]

11 Delicious Ways to Swap Carbs for Veggies

11 Carbs for Veggies FB

Whether you’re trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily diet or cutting back on carbs, these 11 recipes are great ways to incorporate more color and nutrients into your diet without compromising flavor or fuel.

Tomatoes: […]

Mouthwatering Meatless Meals

Mouthwatering Meatless MealsAre you ready for some mouthwatering meatless meals? Broaden your culinary horizons and experiment with these vegetarian and vegan meals that even carnivores will crave! These recipes are sure to satisfy anyone who is vegetarian, looking to eat less meat […]

9 Fruit and Veggie-Filled Recipes

9 Fruit and Veggie Filled Recipes

“Fill half your plate fruits and veggies.” It’s something we hear all the time, and for a good cause: fruits and vegetables are nutrition gold mines, containing compounds that can help reduce the risks of […]

10 Quick & Easy Party Appetizers

10 Quick and Easy Party Appetizers - Red Sun Farms

The holiday season may as well be synonymous with party season, between Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve shindigs. These 10 quick and easy party food ideas will help you […]

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tricks or Treats“Trick-or-treat!” This fun Halloween phrase rewards us with loads of sweet candy to enjoy. Now with these recipes from Red Sun Farms, let your party guests decide who gets a trick or a treat.

Recipe Tricks

Wow party guests with […]

Game Day Appetizers

Game Day Appetizers Image

Bring on the dips, meatballs and finger foods – it’s football season! Whether your team wins or loses, we have game day food inspiration for the win.

Tomatoes: Since tomatoes are a heartier fruit, they can easily be used as a […]

50 Ways for Adding Fruits and Veggies to Meals

Composition with assorted raw organic vegetables

Use this quick reference guide provided by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, “50 Ways for Adding Fruits and Veggies to Meals,” to make healthier meals. Lead by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, […]

Cook for Mom

Red Sun Farms Veggie Lasagna

Mother’s day is right around the corner and instead of giving mom flowers, why not cook something special for her? Let mom have a break to relax and see what we can make for her this […]

Veggie Platter 2.0

Veggie 2.0

You see it at every party. It’s always at the center of every gathering you go to. And you cannot attend a wedding reception, birthday party, or buffet without crossing paths with this party enhancing staple. We’re talking […]