Butterfly Story

Butterfly Story

The Monarch Butterfly appears on all of our labels for a reason. The Monarch Butterfly is one of nature’s greatest mysteries. With its migration path beginning in Southern Ontario, thousands of these butterflies, travel over the Great Lake Erie, through Point Pelee Peninsula in Kingsville, Ontario and on to central Mexico. The Monarch begins and ends their journey in each of our farm regions.

Representing, strength, endurance and beauty, the Monarch Butterfly is a symbol of the quality of our produce that you can rely on when purchasing the Red Sun and Golden Sun Greenhouse Produce Brand.

We want to promote the recovery of the monarch population now.  To learn more please visit our Save our Monarchs Campaign.

About Us

To grow and promote true greenhouse vegetables that exceed our customer’s safety and quality expectations and to provide continuous benefits to our consumers, communities and stakeholders.
To be the leader in the true greenhouse vegetable industry, by continually improving our operations, and developing partnerships with our customers, communities and employees.
  • Empowerment: Empowering employees to take initiative and give the best.
  • Commitment: Commitment to great products, services and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization.
  • Community: A sense of responsibility and contribution to society.
  • Consistency: To be consistent in our daily activities and the products and services we provide.
  • Efficiency: Being efficient and effective in our approach to give best solution each time.
  • Innovation: To seek new creative ideas that help us continually improve our products and operations.
  • Integrity: Act with honesty and transparency without compromising truth.
  • Loyalty: To earn and retain the loyalty of Red Sun and Golden Sun customers. To be active and loyal brand ambassadors for JemD Farms.
  • Leadership: The courage to lead from front and shape future.
  • Ownership: Taking responsibility for the company and customer success.
  • Team Work: Respectfully working together to promote the success of the company.
We are an exceptional group of like-minded owners, growers, and service professionals unparalleled in the greenhouse industry today. Our vertical integration closes the gap between grower, retailer, and consumer. We are the first greenhouse company in North America to own and operate farms in all three NAFTA countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Our growers are proud to be artisans. They have a true passion and love for growing innovative and flavorful greenhouse produce. Our growers represent a skill level which we define as where craftsmanship ends and artistry begins, resulting in fresh greenhouse produce for your family’s kitchen.

We are members of PMA’s Gold Circle: Campaign for Food Safety Program – delivering visibility and food safety solutions to the industry. As Gold Circle contributors, we helped the PMA-founded Center for Produce Safety share its research findings resulting in ready-to-use, science-based food safety solutions at its inaugural Research Symposium in June.

Other memberships include:

2012 – 2015 Awards
Red Sun® and Golden Sun® Greenhouse Vegetables strive on the ability to offer consumers a full 12-months of quality produce. Below are a few recent national awards for implementing world-class business practices and creating value in innovative ways.

Brand Names You Can Rely On

RS-GS 600x170Our brands represent the growth, stability and ongoing progression that Red Sun Farms is committed to in the greenhouse industry. One call provides you with a 12-month greenhouse program, complete with personalized, experienced greenhouse sales and marketing specialists. With seven distributions centers to serve you, three state of the art growing facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico shorter travel times, less shrink, fresher produce and happier customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the key values on which Red Sun Farms is built has always been community. Without an awareness of our environment and those around us, our priorities can easily be forgotten. So within our values as a company, we see community as a way to instill a sense of responsibility as a company and give back to those in need. That is why we not only grow superior products, but also to take great pride in our partnerships to help make a difference!

We are active and support organizations that lobby for a healthier North America by way of parent and child education, school cafeteria programs, and we are continually aligning ourselves with organizations that endorse item level traceability. In addition to our retail customers, we have a very close relationship with Feeding America and Forgotten Harvest Canada. Through these two amazing organizations, we distribute and donate greenhouse produce to the less fortunate. We are also proud of our Atlanta Distribution center who participates in the Strong4Life childhood obesity awareness campaign. We support these causes by donating produce to their initiatives and events.

Forgotten Harvest Canada

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Our Mexican operations has been awarded and certified as a Socially Responsible Company (Empresa Socialmente Responsable) for the past four years in a row. This award recognized us for efforts such as our single mother program where we employ over 500 single mothers. We also provide work opportunities for people aged 50 and older, should they need to work. As the farm is in a remote location, our Mexican operations built a village for our employees.

Photo Gallery: Fresh from Our Greenhouse

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Click on the logo to hear the Red Sun Farms local radio spot airing in Blacksburg/New River Valley, VA.


Red Sun Farms is Helping United Way Lift Students Out of Poverty

On Track StudentsAs part of United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County’s mission to ensure that kids succeed in school and grow into healthy adults, it is pleased to officially launch the On Track to Success Program. United Way has spent the last year and a half building a network of collaborative partners which have designed a made-in-Windsor-Essex program to ensure more youth graduate from high school and are able to attend post-secondary programs. United Way will be investing $150,000 in the coming year into the Leamington-based pilot program.